Snowflakes photographed by the author in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, using a custom-built low-temp, high-resolution microscope system. Copyright Modernist Cuisine Gallery

Let me start out by saying that I have huge respect for Don Komarechka’s snowflake photos. They have been an inspiration to me. I am new to snowflake photography, and having seen his photos — as well as those of Ken Libbrecht, Alexey Kljatov, and many others — I would never even dream of boasting that I’ve made the best snowflake photos.

So I am a bit dismayed that a flurry of controversy has erupted around a claim that I thought would be simple and objective: that my new snowflake microscope makes the highest-resolution snowflake photos ever taken. That isn’t…

In a 2016 preprint and two papers published online in December 2017 titled “Asteroid thermal modeling in the presence of reflected sunlight” and June 2018, “An empirical examination of WISE/NEOWISE asteroid analysis and results” in the journal Icarus, I raised a number of scientific, methodological, and ethical problems with the NEOWISE asteroid research project and its published papers and results. In this article, I summarize the problems in a less formal way than the papers, and I explain how the scientific misconduct that I found can be verified by anyone. Unlike a formal research paper I can also include the…

Nathan Myhrvold

The official Medium account of Nathan Myhrvold, CEO of @IVInvents, @ModCuisine author, scientist, inventor, and photographer. FaceBook: @NathanMyhrvoldOfficial.

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